Senior Year and Graduation

Ulysse MosaiqueSenior Checkout Packet

One quarter prior to the comprehensive exam, Classical Studies majors are required to complete a Senior Checkout Packet with their exam committee chair. At this time, all students must indicate their final degree plan on the Senior Check, complete a Petition for Undergraduate Individual Studies and schedule the Comprehensive Examination, all with the assistance of the committee chair.

The purpose of completing the Senior Check and Petition for Undergraduate Individual Studies is to ensure that all students are on track to finish the major requirements by their graduation quarter and to obtain enrollment in CLST 197F, the 2-unit comprehensive exam preparatory course.

Classical Studies Senior “To-Do” Checklist

One Quarter Preceding the Comprehensive Exam

  • Select exam committee of two to three classics faculty, one of whom will be chair.
  • Complete a Senior Check and Petition for Undergraduate Individual Studies with exam committee chair.
  • Submit the Senior Check and Petition for Undergraduate Individual Studies to History Department during drop-in advising hours. Obtain enrollment code for CLST 197F, the comprehensive exam preparatory course.

Quarter of Comprehensive Exam

NOTE: The Comprehensive Exam must be completed by the 8th week of the quarter.

  • Enroll in CLST 197F via MyUCSC Portal no later than the 2nd week of the exam quarter.
  • Announce Candidacy through MyUCSC Student Portal (if graduating in same quarter).
  • Solicit examination questions from all committee members by the 2nd week of the quarter.
  • Optional: Arrange for Senior Essay as 1/3 of exam with classics faculty member.
  • Set date and time for translation examination.
  • Set date and time for written examination.
  • Set date and time for oral examination.
  • Report date and time of oral examination to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator by the 6th week of the quarter.
  • Complete all portions of the comprehensive exam.


Participation in the commencement ceremony and degree conferral from UCSC are two separate, parallel processes. Commencement is coordinated by colleges, with whom students communicate about all commencement activities; conferral of a student’s degree is generated by his or her Announcement of Candidacy. This process is completed through the MyUCSC Student Portal.

2018-2019 Announcement of Candidacy Deadlines

Fall 2018: October 26
Winter 2019: February 8
Spring 2019: April 26
Summer 2019: August 2