2017-2018 Classical Studies Curriculum

2017 - 2018 Classical Studies Undergraduate Curriculum (PDF)
(Last updated: 2/26/18)

This list is subject to change.

Spring 2018

Greek/Latin Language Courses

No Elementary Language Taught in Spring 2018

Survey Courses

HIS 60 - Scientific Vocabulary and the Roots of the European Scientific Tradition, J. Lynn

LIT 61M - Approaches to Classical Myth, M. Devecka

Greek Literature Courses
Reading proficiency in Ancient Greek required.

*LIT 184A - Introduction to Greek Literature, D. Selden
(may be repeated for credit)

Latin Literature Courses
Reading proficiency in Latin required.

*LIT 186A - Introduction to Latin Literature, J. Lynn
(may be repeated for credit)

*LIT 186C - Prose Authors: Tacitus's Agricola, M. Devecka

Upper-Division Elective Courses

HAVC 151 - Greek Myths Antiquity to the Present, M. Evangelatou

HIS 163B - Genesis: A History, G. Hamel

*Completion of course pre-requisites or instructor permission required for enrollment. Check the Searchable Schedule of Classes for further information. PLEASE NOTE: This information is subject to change. UPDATED: 2/26/2018