Classical Studies Major Requirements

Download a classical studies major advising worksheet, here.

Prerequisite for the Major

A prerequisite for the classical studies major is the lower-division sequence in elementary Greek or Latin language (Greek 1 and 2 or Latin 1 and 2). Transfer students are permitted to declare the Classical Studies major in the quarter immediately after completing Greek or Latin 1, provided that they are enrolled in Greek or Latin 2.

Course Requirements

The major requires a total of ten courses plus a senior comprehensive exam and must include the following:

  • one lower-division survey of ancient history or literature in translation;
  • three upper-division courses in Greek (LIT 184A-Z) or Latin (LIT 186A-Z) Literature;
  • six additional approved upper-division courses (which may include additional courses in Greek or Latin Literature);
  • Enrollment in a 2-credit comprehensive examination preparatory course, CLST 197F, is required in the same quarter that the senior comprehensive examination will be given. The preparatory course will be taken with the chair of the student's examination committee. 

Senior Comprehensive Exam

As fulfillment of the University Senior Comprehensive requirement in the major, Classical Studies majors are required to pass a comprehensive examination. Each student shall identify a minimum of two classical studies faculty members to serve on the examination committee, one of which shall be designated as the committee chair. It is the student's responsibility to arrange the dates of the examination in consultation with the committee chair. Students must complete all components of the examination no later than the 8th week of the quarter in which they intend to graduate. Detailed information on the comprehensive exit requirement can be found here.

Disciplinary Communication General Education Requirement

The Disciplinary Communication General Education Requirement (DC requirement) in classical studies is satisfied by completing two upper-division courses in Greek literature or Latin literature from the following list:

Greek Literature
  • LIT 184B, Greek Drama (Formerly LTGR 103)
  • LIT 184C, Greek Poetry (Formerly LTGR 102)
  • LIT 184D, Prose Authors Formerly LTGR 104)
  • LIT 184E, Special Topics in Greek Literature (Formerly LTGR 105)
Latin Literature
  • LIT 186B, Roman Poetry (Formerly LTIN 102)
  • LIT 186C, Prose Authors (Formerly LTIN 103)
  • LIT 186D, Special Topics in Latin Literature (Formerly LTIN 104)

Double Major

A double major involves satisfying all the major requirements for two declared majors, including two comprehensive (exit) requirements. Declaration of a double major requires approval from both departments as well as approval from your college. Courses used for another major or minor may or may not also be used towards the classical studies major requirements; consult with the undergraduate program coordinator.