Classical Studies Minor

Classical Studies Minor Requirements

The classical studies minor requires a minimum of seven courses: two lower-division ancient Greek or Latin language courses (or equivalent), and five upper-division courses.

Minor Planning Worksheet

Copy a Classical Studies Minor Planning Worksheet to your UCSC Google Drive.

Elementary Greek or Latin Language (2 courses)

All classical studies minors are required to complete the two-quarter series of elementary ancient Greek (GREE 1 and 2) or Latin (LATN 1 and 2). GREE 1 and LATN 1 are only offered in the fall and GREE 2 and LATN 2 are only offered in the winter.

Students with prior knowledge of ancient Greek or Latin language should consult with the Classical Studies Undergraduate Director to determine if they have satisfied any of the elementary language course requirements.

Introduction to Ancient Greek or Latin Literature (1 course)

In addition to the two lower-division language courses described above, the classical studies minor requires one of the following courses:

LIT 184A and LIT 186A are only offered in the spring.

Upper Division Electives (4 courses)

Four additional upper-division classical studies courses, which may include upper-division Greek or Latin literature. See the UCSC General Catalog for a list of courses that satisfy this requirement.

Declare the Classical Studies Minor

I. Declare Your Major or Check-in with Your Major Advisor

  • Declaring your major and minor in the same quarter: Obtain an approved UCSC Academic Planning Form from your major advisor when you declare.
  • Declaring your classical studies minor after you've declared a major: Meet with your major advisor to create or update your UCSC Academic Planning Form. Your UCSC Academic Planning Form must be current and up to date—reviewed and approved by your major advisor within the last academic quarter—to declare the classical studies minor.

II. Submit a Petition for Major/Minor via MyUCSC

Log into MyUCSC (very important first step!) and submit a Petition for Major/Minor. You will be contacted by email within 5-7 business days with further instructions on how to declare your minor.
This petition can also be accessed by navigating to the Student Homepage in MyUCSC and selecting the Undergraduate Student eForms tile > Petition for Major/Minor.