Electronic Resources

Society for Classical Studies (SCS): founded as the American Philological Association in 1869 by "professors, friends, and patrons of linguistic science," SCS is the principal learned society in North America for the study of ancient Greek and Roman languages, literatures, and civilizations.

Bibliotheca Classica Selecta: An introduction to classical studies, designed primarily for students of Classics and Ancient History, incidentally to all those interested in the ancient Greco-Roman civilizations and the surrounding areas.

Kirke: Catalogue of Internet Resources for Classical Studies

Perseus Project Home page: A unique and extensive online database of Classical material: texts (in Greek, Latin, and translation, lexica, images, maps)  

Lacus Curtius: A Roman Gazeteer, with many images of Roman towns and villages; texts in Latin, Greek, and English

The Stoa Consortium: Serving news, projects, and links for digital classicists everywhere: home base of many interesting projects