Major Declaration

While classical studies does not have an official qualification policy, it should be noted that the major requires the successful completion of upper division coursework in Ancient Greek and/or Latin language literature. Students who are unable to successfully complete the introductory sequence in elementary Ancient Greek (GREE 1 and 2) or Latin (LATN 1 and 2) language will not be able to advance to the upper division courses required for this major.

Students are permitted to declare the classical studies major at any time but are encouraged to do so only after they have successfully completed the lower-division sequence in elementary Ancient Greek or Latin language (or equivalent).

1. Create a Classical Studies Major Plan of Study

Fill out a Classical Studies Major Planning Worksheet to the best of your ability. Include classical studies courses you've completed, are currently taking, and plan on taking in the future. Requirements that you intend on satisfying after Spring 2020 may be left blank on your worksheet.

2. Meet with the Classical Studies Director

Meet with Professor Karen Bassi to review and discuss your proposed plan of study. You may be advised to modify your plan to achieve greater breadth or concentration. Obtain Dr Bassi's signature on your Classical Studies Major Planning Worksheet.

3. Complete a Petition for Major/Minor Declaration

Fill out a Petition for Major/Minor Declaration. Be sure to indicate your expected graduation term (EGT) on the petition. To find your EGT, go to your MyUCSC Student Center and click on “Student Advising Summary” and then the “Degree” tab. Please note that the EGT for some students reflects one extra quarter beyond what they will need to complete requirements. You do not need to have your EGT changed if you are planning to graduate before the term indicated.

4. Meet with the Classical Studies Adviser

Meet with the Classical Studies Undergraduate Adviser during drop-in advising hours to submit your Classical Studies Major Worksheet, Petition for Major/Minor Declaration, and UCSC Academic Planning Form. You are now officially declared!